Bead artist from Project Have Hope. Uganda.

“Hi, my name is Dominique Jacobs and I started my business ‘ just handmaidens’ in early 2013. As well as the online business, I also sell my products at markets in the  Mid North Coast region of NSW. The passion for starting ‘just handmaidens’ came after reading a few books  about the plight of oppressed women around the world. I decided that the only way I could assist these women would be by growing the market for their beautiful handcrafted products. So I set about finding some groups and products that appealed to me and who practiced fair trade.”

These women artisans are to be admired. They create such beautiful objects out of materials found in the natural environment or recycled/repurposed materials, with few tools. They are inspirational, carving out a better existence for themselves and their families using their creative talents.

As we are a new business we do have limited stock. I will continue to increase our stock base and look for new producers over the coming year.

My hope is that further down the track, if successful, I can put money back into some of the wonderful organisations that support these women in their ventures and into the communities in which they live. Shopping for change, together we can help to make a difference in these women’s lives.


There are extra charges if you wish to insure parcels. Wherever possible I will use recycled paper products for packaging.